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BAB Associates has been involved with Metro Airport since the mid-1990s when under contract to Ghafari Associates. We assisted the airport with the Sound Attenuation Program and, as a Senior VP and Partner at another PR firm, wrote the “Worst to First” plan to assist the airport through state investigations and the rebuilding of the airport’s image from one of the worst in the nation to one of the best as ranked by J.D. Powers and Associates Aviation Division.

Bruce Babiarz worked directly with Wayne County Executive Ed McNamara and Airport Management in developing a strategy to change the airport’s image. Babiarz wrote the speeches for McNamara and incoming Airport Director Lester Robinson and coordinated the news conference and introductions of the new administration at the airport.

Babiarz developed the concept for a community showcase for vendors for the new McNamara terminal and orchestrated literally hundreds of media tours for reporters from literally around the world to tour the facility and interview key officials regarding one of the newest aviation terminals in the world. The Northwest World Gateway, Edward McNamara terminal earned hundreds of positive articles and network TV and broadcast coverage for excellence.

Babiarz has conducted work for or with Metro Airport since 1994. While Director of Business Development at Barton Malow, Babiarz was the lead executive in charge of winning the $483 million North Terminal Project in alliance with Walbridge-Aldinger, also the first formal project alliance between the two major general contractors. The North Terminal replaced the Smith and Davey Terminal operations, ending the physical facilities of the 1960s and taking Metro Airport into the 21st Century in physical amenities and perception among business and leisure travelers.