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The PR Authority. Our firm operates on a value proposition unique in the industry. We help shape opinions, build reputations and drive new business development through proprietary integrated marketing and public relations strategies and proven sales experience. We achieve your desired results, cost-effectively and with the highest levels of professionalism and ethics.

The BAB Associates, LLC Value Proposition

Effective Public Relations, Superior Marketing Initiatives and Solid Sales and Management Performance

PR Authority: " expert on a subject. An accepted source, a persuasive force; a commanding influence as in the authority of a parent; the authority of a great writer. Mastery in execution or performance."

We offer a value proposition to achieve your goals within budget and established time frames. Our firm has helped numerous organizations drive their business development efforts through custom integrated marketing communications strategies. Our mission is to help you grow your revenues, improve your "top of mind" awareness in the marketplace. Our successful efforts in this area have many clients raving that our public relations and marketing efforts pay for themselves through increased bottom-line revenue enhancements. Some clients desire positive "A-List" media exposure, others prefer to be blocked from the glare of media lights. Some we help advance their cause, others seek to influence the community, the region, the nation. We help you shape your image and organizational objectives. Services include:

  • Positive "Earned Media" Exposure
  • News Releases
  • Media Relations
  • Image Enhancement
  • Market Penetration
  • Increased Sales Revenue
  • Shaping public opinion and the opinions of the people that matter most to your organization!
  • Crisis Management
  • Strategic Communications
  • Advertising
  • Event Services
  • Fundraising (State Licensed Professional Fundraising)
  • Website Design and Social Media

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