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Research is like marketing any business not doing it today in a tech-savvy manner does so at great peril to its very existence.
BAB Associates has a great depth of experience in performing business analysis that impacts not only an organization’s communications model but helps drive the bottom line as well. We help you integrate communications into your business growth strategy. From conducting SWOTS (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) to using research tools for internal and external surveys.

First we seek to understand your business, your world and then we apply our marketing public relations expertise and creativity to find a solution to meet your marketing and communication goals in an objective measurable way based on sound business practices and methods.

We have extensive experience in online and traditional research methods to help you gain competitive advantage. Our expertise as investigative reporters gives you information you need to know – that no one else has – for competitive advantage. We have proven our ability to do this for clients across all market sectors before it becomes known in the marketplace. Knowledge is power.
We have proven creative talent to help you invent your business for the future and develop news ways to create new “blue oceans” of opportunity.

Strategic planning implementation for the results you desire.

BAB Associates the PR authority beyond PR and Marketing.

The oldest form of communication remains one of the most effective today - Story telling.  We help you develop your organizational or business story in a compelling way. Your story is unique to your business and we can help you craft messages that resonate with the media, your customers and other key stakeholders. We can measure our communication success by how many people tell your story the way you want it told and heard by the audiences most desired.

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